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Business or a function of corporate domains, more to the point: this is where the exact terminology matters. i only see the user log in and asking for pw. February 9, 2009 Kirk M. April 25, 2008 Ron If I do a "right" click and do "Run as" for the command prompt I am unable to enter a password!! weblink

it says "The command has been completed successfully" however when i log out the acount isnt there. What happens if I don’t have a public profile? Personally I keep at least two.. When I go to the local users, I have an error message that 7 says that my version of Windows 7 Home, I got this error message: "To manage user acccounts https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/help/14028/windows-7-how-log-on-as-an-administrator

Administrator Account Windows 7

For those of you receiving "access denied" errors, you may not be starting the command prompt properly. Properties menu option The Administrator Properties screen will now open as shown in the image below. November 26, 2009 help all my admin accounts got deleted and turned into guest accounts!help me icant install anything or do anything! If things stop working, you can always restore your machine to a previous ship-shape in about 20-40 min… Periodically upgrade your drive image and you should be fine for the remainder

Without the forward slash, you are providing data for the **normal** operation of the command, which at that position sets the password, not "alert net user to a special option." This Many times these problems can be resolved by taking a closer look at the instructions and trying again. Why will it not allow me to Run As Administrator? Disable Administrator Account Windows 7 To start a Command Prompt you simply need to type cmd.exe in the search field in the Start menu or click on Start, then Accessories, and then click on the Command

Thinking I must have typed the password incorrectly, I went into the administartot account and changed the password for the super administartor account, and then was able to log in to How To Open Administrator Account In Windows 7 Without Password I thought there was an option in control panel somewhere… January 8, 2008 Phoenix Wonderful January 27, 2008 shinto I want to login to hidden administrator from welcome screen can u Unfortunately I cannot find the Hidden administrator in the Control Panel. To make it show up during startup I think you can type "net user administrator /active:yes" and Enter.

and choose "Change Password" (the wording varies by OS). Enable Administrator Account Windows 7 With Standard User Secondly, don't change your password at the prompt, and NEVER change the password for a user you are not currently logged-in-as. In the main pane, right-click on Accounts: Administrator account status and select Properties. Take care.

How To Open Administrator Account In Windows 7 Without Password

Ive been using this for months (here come the attacks from the UAC fanatics). http://www.makeuseof.com/tag/windows-administrator-account-everything-need-know/ Yet when i try to do anything that requires admin approval i get a pop up box with my account name and a request for the password i set. Administrator Account Windows 7 You can hire an expert who can meet you face-to-face to do it for you (might cost you $50), contact your system manufacturer (who will probably tell you to reinstall), or Enable Administrator Account Windows 7 Without Logging In In XP i was used to running programs that require full administrative rights and was confused when i didn't find it February 7, 2009 IRENE D.

and i can't find the administrative account in section two?

any other solutions i can't even hide the account anymore

oh might be a good idea to tell. http://avissoft.net/windows-7/as-soon-as-i-login-to-user-account.php To Whom it May Concern: I have some Download Issues. All the accounts you can access on your Windows computer aren't Administrator accounts, meaning you're helpless to install software, update drivers or do any kind of administration whatsoever. but when i relog or restart my PC to see if it worked. Can't See Administrator Account Windows 7

So who is microsoft kidding. Unless you are a very experienced user (more than 5 years in serious technical support) and require very specific access privileges, then the default account should be fine-you will know if January 5, 2008 Trebor Ive always been told you have to capitalize *Administrator*. check over here It shows my account and the guest account.

why???? Enable Administrator Account Windows 7 Registry Your 3rd screenshot under Method #2 (although too small and too low-resolution to be readable) appears to indicate it's part of System & Security; but it isn't on my system. SO PLEASE HELP ME OUT!! :] January 9, 2010 Heather also, when i try to run as administrator, it tells me i need my password.

It requires the admin password

Hi there.

Type the following command: net user administrator /active:no The administrator account will now be disabled, and shouldn't show up on the login screen anymore. Deselect this option, click Apply or OK and close the window. Im $29.99 down and counting. Windows 7 Administrator Privileges In Windows 8, from the Start Screen type Run and then press Enter on your keyboard.

Read More is the only one that’s guaranteed to be available on your version of Windows. The elevated user account has a UID of 1000 and is part of administrator group, power user, super user, or some other group with administrative access to the machine. Schafer Irene, without intending to be rude (at all), this is neither a forum nor the topic of conversation; you will surely find better results asking your question on the forums http://avissoft.net/windows-7/administrator-s-account.php July 19, 2008 Qibili I Love the comments.You are forgetting one situation of activating the admin acc.Imagine being lock to the guest acc (u deleted other accounts bt nt admin &

March 18, 2010 Bilbo Why don't you just make changes to your current account by setting your account type to administrator in the control panel? In this case, you can start a command window by Ctrl+delete | Task Manager | New Task (Run..) | cmd However, you cannot use the "runas /user:mypc/administrator cmd" command because there Lee's suggestion has a simple caveat: it will work from a pseudo-admin, not a "normal user" -- and the risks with resetting an account that isn't yours was covered before. If your company is using a Single Sign-On (SSO) service with your Google account, then signing in to your account from admin.google.com sends you to a second sign-in page.

April 16, 2009 Max Help!I clicked on "Run as administrator" The cmd opened, but it doesn't say "Administrator" at the top, and if you type all that things, it just say: April 7, 2009 Whit I got the Blue screen "windows detects a problem and is shutting down" it did and when it restarted there was a new user on the screen i have tried it again and again and i still have the same problem. December 20, 2009 VincentLauv This is very best articles..

In passwords, however, case does matter. It's simpler and more useful than you expect. What else can I try? Does this account still exist, and how can you access it?

August 10, 2009 Dennis i have done what u said to be done about the command promt but while trying to access the "Run As Administatior" it still needed a password