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You'll especially want to test how your new web page looks in IE, Firefox, Chrome and Safari across multiple operating systems including Android, Windows for PC and Apple Mac OS, desktop thks! I use the Universal IE 6 CSS (see above). We have a pretty good* newsletter. http://avissoft.net/internet-explorer/active-desktop-and-non-ie-browsers-not-working-after-virus-removal.php

HP Permalink to comment# February 5, 2010 hi all, might share this in case anyone has wondered if there's an easy way to trick wordpress to take another css if IE6 Is there a certain reason for this Chris? var isIE; (function() { var ua = window.navigator.userAgent, msie = ua.indexOf('MSIE '), trident = ua.indexOf('Trident/'); isIE = (msie > -1 || trident > -1) ? Edge is exclusive to Windows 10 and cannot be used on previous Windows versions. https://www.browserstack.com/test-in-internet-explorer

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There is a better solution than just letting the site go to hell, and that is to serve IE 6 and below a special stripped-down stylesheet, and then serve IE 7 One for lt IE 7, and other for IE7, IE8 and other browsers. New features: Revamped Interface - Gives you the basic controls and puts the focus on site viewing Breezing Fast Speed - IE9 is much faster than its previous IE versions.

We don't need to rip on Microsoft. That would suck. It doesn't do so bad at rendering pages and it's a heck-of-a-lot more secure than previous versions. Internet Explorer Emulator Chrome As for critical patch Tuesdays -- let's just say there are people working against you when you have 85% of the market.

You needed to target IE6, nothing special about it. Internet Explorer Online Mode The point is that my statement doesn't actually work, which gives me a plenty of headache. Setup your team right now! I think in the same way to David Walsh.

Follow @Real_CSS_Tricks Contact About Archives Advertise Jobs Guest Posting License Shop Subscribe RSS icon-closeicon-emailicon-linkicon-menuicon-searchicon-tag jQuery jQuery UI jQuery Mobile Sizzle QUnit Plugins Contribute CLA Style Guides Bug Triage Code Documentation Online Internet Explorer Browser Kicking off at 12pm on 21st November, we have a fun-filled day of activities, raffles, storytelling .. H├ęctor Guedea Permalink to comment# January 20, 2010 I'm agree with you, but the evolution of IE is progressive no retrospective, so when I see the new features of IE9, I All rights reserved.

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if (navigator.appName == 'Microsoft Internet Explorer') { var ua = navigator.userAgent; var re = new RegExp("MSIE ([0-9]{1,}[\.0-9]{0,})"); if (re.exec(ua) != null) rv = parseFloat( RegExp.$1 ); } return rv; } function Hot Network Questions request: bragging & boasting but all made up of lies SetOptions locally? Internet Explorer Online Emulator In terms of compatibility, they have little in common nowadays. –minexew Nov 26 '16 at 12:38 add a comment| up vote 14 down vote You can use the navigator object to Online Web Browser Proxy Regarding Government dropping support for IE6, we did that a year ago and many others are following suit.

var version_number=parseInt(ua.substring(msie + 5, ua.indexOf(".", msie))); if (isNaN(version_number)) { var rv_index=ua.indexOf("rv:"); version_number=parseInt(ua.substring(rv_index+3,ua.indexOf(".",rv_index))); } console.log(version_number); } else { //other browser console.log('otherbrowser'); } } You should see the result in console, please use Most things are possible to do pixel exact, sometimes you just have to accept slight differences. This is been coined the universal IE 6 CSS. \n"; The 3D Data Labs Guy Permalink to comment# March 9, 2010 ok. Real browsers running on real computers We run real browsers on our servers in virtual machines. IE11 no longer reports as MSIE, according to this list of changes, it's intentional to avoid mis-detection. I'll admit, I primarily use my macbook, but I love my PC too.

David Walsh Permalink to comment# January 20, 2010 I see your point, but I think the "emulation" meta tag should be used to prevent that problem. I guess I just got carried away with the excitement of doing things backwards… Sam Logan Permalink to comment# January 20, 2010 Thanks for the conditional statements and useful hacks, I because then whatever was nested in the thing which get's .display:none; won't even DL at all (unlike with .visibility:hidden; where the content is still there, but invisible). It just works!

I've added a little more detail on my blog here http://bit.ly/9q6xdF Would appreciate some advice, Thanks The 3D Data Labs Guy Permalink to comment# March 9, 2010 Hi Chris, nice post. Users of older versions that find a bug should upgrade to the latest released version to determine if the bug has already been fixed. They've been listening to customers reques.. Say goodbye to your lab of PCs and virtual machines.

Having said that I had an interesting scenario a while back where I needed a conditional comment to target all browsers (including non-IE!) except IE6 because an embedded .swf that my Let's get started! Apply it now! In regards to the min-height/ min width issue I personally use a hack (read about it hear) as it makes my life easier… Pretty much the only other hack I will

Read More > Browsers Fab-yule-ous Festive Fun Day!! You got problems, they need fixin' Keeps your code hack-free and valid Keeps your main stylesheet clean Perfectly acceptable technique, sanctioned by Microsoft And remember, these conditional tags don't have to For Windows 7: Internet Explorer 11 was released on November 7, 2013.