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Here they are- http://www.originalwoodworks.com/aim65/aim65s~1.htm I finally found my Commodore C64 1541 disk drive interface card for the AIM with schematic, manual, and software in PROM. Pixel Deer T-shirts! With a TTY, a paper-tape punch and reader can be used to store and retrieve your program information on paper tape. Up to 8 colors of display on either a standard TV or a video monitor.

The board contains 64K bytes of dynamic RAM, all of which is available to the user, and a 256 byte PROM is used to "boot" the system up. Lots of space to hold photos sent my way.) Back to the Museum! Also of note is the custom packaging for it. Designed by the Rockwell Anaheim Computer Organization (RACO), the "Little-Board" is a Z-80A based high performance microcomputer system designed to run with the CP/M operating system. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/AIM-65

Potential applications listed in the AIM 65 user manual include: Factory data collection Instrument controller Navigation controller Data logger Power line monitor Energy monitor Alarm logger Data acquisition Transformer or motor Text is available under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License; additional terms may apply. It could perform motor control on both. An initial topic that I picked up from a Dead AIM thread was that these boards were known for their inability to start up reliably.

As these two systems were the Rockwell’s immediate competition in the mid 1970’s the AIM 65’s  enhanced feature set gave it an advantage the other two 6502 systems didn’t have. Klein if you have any questions or comments about this site. 2002-2014 Vintage-Computer.com. Its probably the smaller value go figure after all these years, an ambiguity). The box came crammed full of documents for the system including a test-print from the thermal printer. (Submitted May 29, 2015 08:44:29 by (a href=mailto:delgado)EDDy(/a)) I'm for looking the printer thermal

I still have the AIM-65 that I used as the controller for the dance floor seen in the fantasy dance sequence in Francis Ford Coppola's One from the Heart. (Submitted April WOuld this be of interest to anyone? I am willing to try to respond to any questions one might have regarding these items. http://oldcomputers.net/AIM-65-40.html It concluded that the computer was "an excellent value at the $375 needed for minimum configurations".[2] Programming[edit] PL/65 was a programming language designed and implemented by Rockwell International for the AIM-65.[3]

I am focusing on that product line again and would like to act as a mediator for all things AIM 65. Then by dabbing the pad to the boards alternately, and changing the other lead to single traces, you can locate a general area where the broken trace is located. Underneath the AIM 65 motherboard, there is another board, even larger. Must have got these Rockwell RAM chips from the reject bin...

Keep_up_to_date... Some have complained about the 2114 RAM chips going dead even while sitting on the boards in storage. Since the +24 is used to drive the thermal printer this makes sense. The machine featured dual cassette tape control.[1] This made it possible to write large assembly programs using the two pass assembler ROM.

The Monitor can be considered the Operating System, since it provides the over-all system control. Rockwell were well known for their defense contracts in helping to build aircraft that fought in World War 2, The Korean War and even for the Apollo spacecraft and Space Shuttle During the first pass the symbol table was built and stored in RAM. The Microflex 65 line also included a CPU card that allowed it to be used in embedded applications whereas the AIM 65 was used with it as a development system." Thanks

Six level priority interrupt logic and 16-bit multi-mode timers are included for flexibility in production automation and laboratory control applications. Hopefully in the pristine condition of the museum one we see above. The printer connector is compatible with the Centronics parallel interface that is so popular with high speed dot matrix printers. If the thermal printer was turned on, this would be output on a single line.

I will try to scan and post them as time permits or by necessity in answering inquiries! Extensive I/O capability provides an RS-232C asynchronous communications interface channel with programmable data rates of up to 19,200 baud for terminals or modems, plus a 20 ma current loop TTY interface, If the thermal printer was turned on, this would be output on a single line.

Inside or outside window breakpoint with 1 byte resolution.

Plus I have some AIM-65 systems for sale. The four edge-card connectors are labeled: Parallel Serial TTY Expansion From the Rockwell "Interactive" newsletter, issue no. 5: Rockwell International will shortly be introducing the AIM 65/40. An oscilloscope surely helps in determining if the crystal is doing its job by feeding the CPU and I'd encourage anyone to learn how to use one. Join our Mailing List by adding your email address below and be kept up to date with lots of information including: News & Information Upcoming Events New Exhibits Competitions & Giveaways

A Techie friend, Jim Justin, turned me on to a quick way to remove RAM chips that are soldered directly to a through-hole PC board. I think I soldered a low value cap (10pf?) across R3 (3.3K- a pull down resistor) or one of the 1.8k resistors to provide the necessary unbalance upon start up. The black case seen above is a two piece, inexpensive plastic molded case. But that emulation lacks of printer support.

Gunnar in Sweden. (Submitted May 8, 2012 07:16:23 by DaveC) I owned EXCERT during the late 70's-80's and was an AIM 65 distributor so I have many items left from that Wednesday27thMay2015Lutz69b.org NAMEAIM 65MANUFACTURERRockwellTYPEHome ComputerORIGINU.S.A.YEAR1976ENDOFPRODUCTIONUnknownBUILTINLANGUAGEOptional Basic ROMKEYBOARDFull-stroke keyboardCPURockwell 6502SPEED1 MHzRAM4 KB (up to 32 KB of static RAM)ROM12 KBTEXTMODES1 line of 20 chracters (LED screen)SOUNDNoneSIZE/WEIGHTUnknownI/OPORTSApplication bus, expansion bus, ROM connectorPOWERSUPPLYNeeds four Technical specifications[edit] Built in full sized QWERTY keyboard 20 character alphanumeric LED display (16 segments) Integrated 20 character thermal printer RS-232 serial interface Expansion connector Application connector with 6522 VIA chip